Monday, September 13, 2010

Don't Fall Over...

Hello All,
Don't fall over out of disbelief of a new posting on our behalf.  Our secretary has been a bit over whelmed the last few weeks, she can't believe its been this long.  Any how, we have been doing our challenges and doing quit well we would like to say, posting will have to come later.  Our secretary only has a few minutes.

We had a nice surprise at the hospital today.  When we were checking in at the time clock we notice a picture of us on the front page of the Intermountain Stories newsletter along with some very kind words about us.  Check it out:
Cover page

Thank you Dixie Regional Medical Center for the kind words about us.  We truly do love coming.

Got to go...more later...Mom promises. 


  1. Wow - congratulations on the very cool article all about you boys! I'm so impressed by your therapy dog work and I know you make a huge difference in people's lives! Looking forward to the post about your training challenges too!

  2. WOW, you guys are STARS! That is fantastic, and with all the great work you do it is so neat to see you featured! Glad your secretary posted that!!!!!!---Kathy

  3. Great story! Your work is very much appreciated I'm sure. Can't help but to feel more comfortable in a hospital with such wonderful caregivers as DeBoys! Recognition is well deserved.