Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Therapy Tuesday

Mom has been working on conducting a
Delta Pet Partner Workshop.
This workshop is to provide new pet partner teams
the tools and knowledge
to complete a

Its been quit difficult to get everyones schedules
to mesh
Well it finally has happened.
Dates where scheduled
January 5th, 8th, 12th and 13th, 2011
Six Teams have been confirmed to participate.

Bert and Jo Lee (Small Standard Poodle)
Jan and Maggie (King Charles Spaniel)
Marti/Jack and Jake (Spaniel Mix)
Joan and Monty (Miniature Poodle)
Miriam and Darby (Greyhound)
Margo and Iggy (Chi/Pom Mix)

We would like to 
these teams
Wish them 
On their journey to becoming
Registered Delta Pet Partner Teams!

The first date
Wednesday, January 5th
was the first of two handler and dog classes.
This class proved to the handlers,
that pet therapy isn't just about having a cute
 There is so much more.

Here is a link to what our
Delta Evaluator/Instructor
Sue Grundfest
Las Vegas Love Dog
had to say about our first dates.

The second date
Saturday, January 8th, 2011
was a very long day
which we all had to make a trip to
Las Vegas, Nevada
the dogs got to stay home except for
Brutus and Tytus.

DeBoy's had to go to work
and be
with lots and lots of kids
from the ages of
infants to 8 year olds.
The first stop of the day was to give our new teams
a look at a
Library Visit
(classified as a high stress level for pet therapy)
Pet Therapy teams need to know how to handle the unknown,
how many kids
what ages
naughty or nice.

This evaluation wasn't just any evaluation,
many eyes where watching:
eye's of the new teams
(thats 12 eye's)
the eye's of the kids
(way to many to count but the best one's)
eye's of 

As we entered the library room
we were reminded,
"one mess up and your out of the room"
No Problem,
we said
"there is nothing to be worried about"


Well, here are a few photos of us at the library
with lots and lots of kids
loving, hugging, petting, feeling
us all at the same time.
At times we would say we had at least 4 sets of hands on us
during the whole story time.

Now its your turn to put your evaluating eye's on us.
(no idea how many eye's now)
How do you think we did?

Cypress our Las Vegas Team Member
Sue and Kirby


The next two dates have been postponed
due to
knee surgery.

We all wish you well as you recover from your surgery. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Manic Monday -- Not Again!

Maybe She Won't See Me...

Ah Oh Spaghetti O's...

Hi Mom!  Are you sure its time for a bath, can't we wait?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Our First Post of the New Year 2011

to you all.

We hope you all had a fabulous

Our update of what we have been doing and are working on now.

  • Therapy Dog Service: As most of you probably know the Holiday Season is one our busiest times of the year. The past couple of months -- November through December -- we sure worked hard making sure we put BIG SMILES on our clients/patients faces by dressing up in some holiday outfits. Even though at times our faces my have looked like we were discussed -- we sure had fun when we seen how everyone reacted. We are some of the biggest HAM BONES you will ever find.

  • Adding Team Members:  Mom has been very busy this past year to help other teams get registered with the Delta Pet Partner Program in our area.  Which lead to the formation of DeBoy's Therapy Animal Group -- which will go by DeBoy's T.A.G. Team as new teams complete their training, evaluations and registrations.  Which we are very excited to announce our 1st Delta Pet Partner Workshop is being conducted this week and next.

  • Our Play Time:  With being therapy dogs and working on a weekly basis, mom has us doing lots of different things to keep us fit, less stressed and having the opportunity to be just plan DOGS.  Although we absolutely LOVE our work, we must play; so our play time consist of agility, fly ball, trick & challenge training, swimming, hiking, walking with friends and just cuddling up to dad at night after spending the whole day with mom. 

  • Mom's Blogging Goal:  Mom has decided to get herself organized.  LOL  She is using the month of January to get a good standardize simple plan in place for posting.  If anyone out there can help her with this idea, please do.  Well here is what she is thinking           
  • Blog Post Themes (some we are doing now, but need to be                 more consistent)
                   Monday's:  Manic Mondays (we wish it were Sunday) -- devoted to our preparation for our therapy visits: which in tale revolves around our weekly baths.  These post will most likely be just photo's, hoping they speak for themselves.

                   Tuesday's:  Therapy Days -- devoted to what we encountered during our Monday visits to the hospital (Dixie Regional Medical Center) and Tuesday visits to Cliff View Senior Living Center.  Hopefully we will be able to capture some video/photos of us with the patients.

                   Wednesday's:  Wordless Wednesday -- this one we love to participate in for we love seeing all of your photo post that speak a thousand words all by themselves.  PRICELESS!

                   Thursday's:  This day maybe a mixture of Tricks and Training Challenges -- Ricky please forgive us for not be a very good participant lately, we love your ideas and you all are an inspiration to us.  Thank you for letting us be a part of your day.

                   Friday's:  Not sure what to call this day.  Maybe we will use this day to post about things of the past.  Hmmm  

                   Saturday's and Sunday's:  Posting will be very limited these two days -- for this is our time to spend with DAD!

So, with this all said, mom is on her way of completing one of her NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS -- making her/our blog post simpler and by February we should be posting consistently.  

Wish us luck and happy blogging to you all.
-- Brutus, Tytus and Patti