Monday, January 9, 2012

One Week Down and 51 More to Come

Here is the out come of our first week of 2012.  Thought we would show you what came of mom cracking the whip first, then tell you how we got to this state if you choose, too.

Sunday (Jan. 8th)

Our morning started off with a bit of a sleep in, we got to wake up by the sun shining in the window rather than being awaken by a very annoying sound well before the crack of dawn.

Breakfast was served, got to gather the newspapers for dad, had a morning swim, and returned to bed for a mid morning nap.  Mom tucked dad and us into bed sense he wasn't feeling all to great, while she ran out of the house to do a few things.

So far our Sunday was the best, we didn't think it could get any better.

But when Mom, returned a bit later with lunch in hand.  Our Sunday just got better; after lunch dad wanted to hot tub once again, which means we got to go swimming for the second time (60 minutes of swimming today toward our Idita-Splash challenge); then it was nap time again.

This is what a Sunday should consist of.

Tytus snuggled up on dads chest.
Brutus snuggled into the double decker dog pillows in front of the TV.
 Our prediction is that our Sunday's for most of this year is going to look a bit like this.  If mom continues to crack the whip through the year with the schedule she has developed for us -- one week down and 51 more to come.

If you choose to continue on to see what our weeks are going to look like, beware you may even need to take a nap.

 Monday (Jan. 2nd):

Signed Up for two Challenges

1.  Idita-Walk --  This challenge has us walking 1049 hours between Feb.1st through March 31, 2012.  As you will agree as our post continues its a good thing this really doesn't start till Feb.1st. 

2.  Idita-Splash -- Now this one we are going to LOVE.  We have committed to swim 1049 minutes from Jan.3rd till March 31, 2012.

Mom was so excited that she even got us started a day early with our swim challenge.  We didn't care swimming is a great thing.  But a little surprise to us came when mom wouldn't let us swim a lap, get out to bark a bit, then take our usual plunge into the pool after our fish toy and start the fun swim cycle again.  No, our challenge is to swim a constant 30 minutes a day none stop.  Then if we want to continue we can do it our way.

Signed Up for two Classes

1.  Agility Workshop -- This class is going to be held on Tuesday mornings.

2.  Obedience/Rally Show Ready Class --  This Class is held on Tuesday afternoons.  Mom is giving us the tools with this class to say to the Utah Shetland Sheepdog Association -- Sheltie Specialty, "Watch out here we come." (May2012)

Our Continued Obligations

1.  Fly Ball Practice:  To complete our Tuesday's of dog playing training, we will finish off our day with running, barking, jumping and fetching a tennis ball during flyable practice.

2.  Pet Therapy Visits:  On Monday's, we started a Pet Therapy 101 course for four high school students.  We are to teach these girls how to be therapy dog handlers by letting them learn to tell us what they want us to do.  So far this has been quit fun and yes its like teenagers teach teenagers -- canine attitudes vs. human attitudes. 

On Wednesday's and Thursday's we will continue to visit our clients at Dixie Regional Medical Center (DRMC), St. George Care and Rehabilitation (SGCR), Rose Crest Manor (RCM) and Cliff View Senior Living Center (CVSLC).

Progress for Week One

Monday                   Tuesday                   Wednesday               Thursday
30 minute swim         30 minute swim          30 minute swim          PTVisits
No School No PT101   Agility Workshop         Bath time                   SGCR
                                Finished Basic           PTVisit to                    CVSLC
                              Obed. Class                DRMC                    Rally Practice
                              Fly Ball Practice

Friday                         Saturday                      Sunday          
Show Ready Class      30 minute swim          30 minute swim x 2

Well if you made it this far: you are ready for a well deserved nap.

-- DeBoy's off to training we go.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Starting the year off with a SPLASH!

Hello All,

We are finally back and are looking forward to seeing what you all have in store for this NEW YEAR 2012!

We are getting off to a great start by joining a couple of challenges -- maybe we will even see you out on the courses -- either making paw prints on the path or even join us by making a HUGE SPLASH!

Challenge 1 -- Idita-Walk

This is our second year of participating.  We had a great time meeting our goal with walking and swimming last year.  So, we decided that this year we would also join the Idita-Splash challenge.

Challenge 2 -- Idita-SPLASH
If you know us at all, we are going to have a blast doing this one.  Why don't you come and join us and make your SPLASH into 2012.

Happy New Year,
Brutus & Tytus