Monday, September 27, 2010

Manic Monday

Training Challenge -- Mother Nature vs. DAD's Nature

As you may recall, a few weeks ago I (Tytus) had a training session with Mother Nature.  I learned that thunder wasn't as bad as it sounds, mom taught me that if I stayed calm and close to her, the thunder wouldn't get me.

Well, now for the past few weeks I have been dealing with -- DAD's Nature. What is DAD's Nature, you ask?  It is FOOTBALL season, do I need to say more! :)  Just in case you all don't have a DAD that likes to watch football games on the TV -- my DAD not only watches, he at times will talk or even yell at the players/coaches like they can hear him or something, even CHEER by clapping or jumping out of his seat like he was at the stadium.

This is where my training challenge starts -- like MOTHER nature you don't have any idea when the THUNDER will pop, or do you know when DAD's nature is going to have a THUNDERS POP reaction to the football game.  I am usually resting/sleeping at his feet or at least in the room while he watches for I do love to be with DAD.  At first I thought his thunderous pop was caused by me; I would jump up move a few feet, lie down, glare with my ears twisted back (you all know the look), but mom assured me that it wasn't nothing I did.  She rubbed me and squeezed my paws the same way she did when mother natures thunder was popping, and showed that she had my back.  But, this time she also scowled DAD for making such a ruckus -- I now think this training challenge is for me and DAD...LOL :).

So, last night was the big test,  prime time football with DOLPHINS vs JETS; I should let you know that DAD's team is the DOLPHINS.  We started watching the game in the living room as usual, me resting at Dad's feet.  Mom reminding me that nothing dad does tonight is caused by me and she has my back.  She even REALLY set dad straight, by telling him he better be good.

By half time, DAD had a couple of small roars I handled them like a pro, just lifted my head and gave him that glare.  Boy does that glare work on dad...Woof.  Then we moved into the bedroom to finish watching it in bed.  I ended up right next to mom, the most comfortable place on earth.  Well that is all I remember, mom will tell the rest of the story:  Tytus ended up cuddling up to me and went fast to sleep, even through a couple of small thunderous roars from dad.  I would have to say both DAD and Tytus successfully passed the test this time, but we still have 13 or so weeks left.

If any of you are wondering, where is Brutus during all of this ruckus?  He is my strong solid sheltie sleeping though it all (only on occasion does he look up to see whats going on); gives DAD the look -- Would you please keep it down, are you SERIOUS?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Training Challenge -- Football Patients

Well, Mom is finally posting proof that we have been doing our challenges.

Last year at this time, Mom couldn't even think about taking us to a ball game.  We had no self control what so ever; the mixture of footballs and kids, running and throwing just took us over the edge.

So, mom decided to be brave and use this as one of our training challenges.
OK, this is how it went down.  Mom first told us to down, stay, leave it and watch all the commands she could think of.  She then placed a chair between the kids playing closest and us with a football at our feet, we think she did this to really make us think and keep thinking.  Well, it worked!  Woof, High Paws to Mom.

Brutus on look out, kids playing football game on one side and kids just running and playing on the other side.

I'm going to try something different, maybe if I close my eyes like I did in the park last week the kids will come see us, again.

Tytus still on, "Kid Watch Out"!  Being very patient.

And, It worked the kids came to see us!  Our REWARD for having self control...WOL!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Keeping our Fur-ends in our PRAYERS as they recovery from injuries/sicknesses -- SPEEDY RECOVERIES.  Also, for those that are traveling -- TRAVEL SAFE.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Testing Testing Take 2 4th attempt. OK got to WOL with us. BLOG texting is for quick entries. Last attemt must be pieced together from bottom to top.
an do this literally...WOL...we love your cross-your-paw trick.

Till next time...

mom's new tricks are going to help her keep our blog up to date. We will believe it when we see it. Keep your paws crossed for us.
Oreo, we know that you c
Testing Testing Take 2

Actually this is our 3rd try at TAKE 2. Heres what's cooking for dinner, as mom multi-tasks cooking with blogging. We are hoping that

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Testing Testing Take 1

Mom is testing out the ability to post on our blog from her new phone.  Bare with her as she tries to post by e-mail from her phone.

Here we are watching her multi task -- blogging while cooking dinner on the barrier.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Don't Fall Over...

Hello All,
Don't fall over out of disbelief of a new posting on our behalf.  Our secretary has been a bit over whelmed the last few weeks, she can't believe its been this long.  Any how, we have been doing our challenges and doing quit well we would like to say, posting will have to come later.  Our secretary only has a few minutes.

We had a nice surprise at the hospital today.  When we were checking in at the time clock we notice a picture of us on the front page of the Intermountain Stories newsletter along with some very kind words about us.  Check it out:
Cover page

Thank you Dixie Regional Medical Center for the kind words about us.  We truly do love coming.

Got to go...more later...Mom promises.