Monday, September 27, 2010

Training Challenge -- Mother Nature vs. DAD's Nature

As you may recall, a few weeks ago I (Tytus) had a training session with Mother Nature.  I learned that thunder wasn't as bad as it sounds, mom taught me that if I stayed calm and close to her, the thunder wouldn't get me.

Well, now for the past few weeks I have been dealing with -- DAD's Nature. What is DAD's Nature, you ask?  It is FOOTBALL season, do I need to say more! :)  Just in case you all don't have a DAD that likes to watch football games on the TV -- my DAD not only watches, he at times will talk or even yell at the players/coaches like they can hear him or something, even CHEER by clapping or jumping out of his seat like he was at the stadium.

This is where my training challenge starts -- like MOTHER nature you don't have any idea when the THUNDER will pop, or do you know when DAD's nature is going to have a THUNDERS POP reaction to the football game.  I am usually resting/sleeping at his feet or at least in the room while he watches for I do love to be with DAD.  At first I thought his thunderous pop was caused by me; I would jump up move a few feet, lie down, glare with my ears twisted back (you all know the look), but mom assured me that it wasn't nothing I did.  She rubbed me and squeezed my paws the same way she did when mother natures thunder was popping, and showed that she had my back.  But, this time she also scowled DAD for making such a ruckus -- I now think this training challenge is for me and DAD...LOL :).

So, last night was the big test,  prime time football with DOLPHINS vs JETS; I should let you know that DAD's team is the DOLPHINS.  We started watching the game in the living room as usual, me resting at Dad's feet.  Mom reminding me that nothing dad does tonight is caused by me and she has my back.  She even REALLY set dad straight, by telling him he better be good.

By half time, DAD had a couple of small roars I handled them like a pro, just lifted my head and gave him that glare.  Boy does that glare work on dad...Woof.  Then we moved into the bedroom to finish watching it in bed.  I ended up right next to mom, the most comfortable place on earth.  Well that is all I remember, mom will tell the rest of the story:  Tytus ended up cuddling up to me and went fast to sleep, even through a couple of small thunderous roars from dad.  I would have to say both DAD and Tytus successfully passed the test this time, but we still have 13 or so weeks left.

If any of you are wondering, where is Brutus during all of this ruckus?  He is my strong solid sheltie sleeping though it all (only on occasion does he look up to see whats going on); gives DAD the look -- Would you please keep it down, are you SERIOUS?


  1. FANTASTIC challenge!!! We have been having our own football woes here,....yes we have noticed it is football season, LOL. BRutus is lucky being a strong solid sleeping sheltie!----Kathy

  2. LOL! Great challenge! Awhile ago mom challenged me like that by yelling at the tv when tennis was on! At first I found it quite alarming but then I was able to settle down. Brutus has the right idea by just sleeping through all the ruckus!

  3. Mother Nature Challenge is huge!!! Eva barks at God of Thunder when He gives the roars!!!

    You did well!!!

  4. Wow! Great challenge! How did the DAD challenge go this week?