Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's Our Birthday

Look who just turned TWO…us Brutus & Tytus…we are also celebrating our FIRST Anniversary as Registered Delta Pet Partners.  Mom made up a celebration video: composed from photo’s taken while we were on our Therapy Visits at Kolob Care & Rehabilitation and Cliff View Senior Living Center.  The portion that is video footage is from the Birthday Party we had at Cliff View; we had to lie down in front of four yummy muffins while mom lite the candles and everyone sang, ‘Happy Birthday’, to us.

Ricky, does this count as a challenge?  We stayed in a down/leave it command for over 5 minutes, before we were able to gobble down our yummy muffin.

Here is the video --  Enjoy and Celebrate with us:
(Mom wants to say sorry for the blurry footage in advance, she doesn’t quit know why it came out blurry.)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week 2 -- Challenge

This weeks challenge turned out to be a fun one. Mom had been trying to figure out our challenge for the week; she wanted to take us out and about for the training. But she was thinking that since we are so comfortable being out in the public, she thought this might be cheating. So she keep thinking: Where can we go that is different? In the public area? and many other questions.

Saturday morning, Dad was telling mom that he needed to go to the store to get some fertilizer for the lawn and see if there was something that would help our yellow pee spots. Mom was just reading the newspaper looking for things going on in St. George and came across the H.A.R.T. Homeless Animal Rescue Team of Utah event at the The Backyard Gardens and Gifts. Our challenge just landed in her lap.

We all where headed to the nursery for our training challenge of the week. Little did Dad know that he was part of our challenge (woof woof with tails a wagging and mom snickering :) ). Our
challenge went like this, Dad was going to be our handler we had to listen to him while visiting the nursery with distractions of meeting other dogs and people.

Here are some pictures to tell the story:

Here we are just getting to the nursery with Dad in control.

Us meeting new people and dogs, we love this challenge so far

Us actually training Dad: Dad we need to move on Moms over here...oops we forgot for a second Dad is in control.

Us shopping with Dad.
Dad and Us saying good-bye to our new doggie and human friends, while mom checks out with out purchase.

Brutus at home hamming up to Dad, trying to convince him that it was hard work going to the nursery.
Me, Tytus, thinking boy that wasn't so hard mom. Thank you for the fun challenge.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Week 1 -- Challenge

First, mother-nature gave us a surprise challenge her self last night: THUNDER, LIGHTNING AND RAIN. This is the first time I think we (I mean me -- Tytus) have heard thunder. My brother, Brutus, on the other paw still hasn't heard thunder: he sleeps like a hibernating bear and if a heard of elephants ran through the room he wouldn't have a clue.

Anyway, Mom helped me relax during the thunder by rubbing my chest and squeezing my paws (a trick she was told by our masseuse) -- I learned that THUNDER wasn't as bad as it sounds and got to sleep a little during the thunder.

With accepting the challenge late in the week, Mom unveiled the details today! It's a two part challenge: Part 1 -- We have to train one on one with her, this is going to be the fun part. Part 2 -- When we aren't training with her we have to wait patiently in the crate or x'er-pen all by ourselves, this is going to be the hard part.

Mom is going to take over from here.

This first challenge is going to be an on going task as the boys really need work on waiting their turn. I created this monster, now we are going to correct it. Here is how the first day went:

Brutus went first, then traded with Tytus.

Part 1a & b: Brutus and I headed out the front door for a walk around the block. Our walk consisted of first getting him to focus on me and not look around for Tytus, then started working on changing the pace, then added some stops with sits. Then it was Tytus's turn. Same thing with him. Both of them did ok, once they settled down.

Part 2a & b: The x'er-pen setup in the entryway next to the front door and Tytus sitting in it, boy what a look I got when I opened the front door and asked Brutus let's go. Not sure how long he barked and carried on, but by the time Brutus and I returned he was settled down and relaxed. Now, it was Brutus's turn, he just gave a look see ya when you get back. Brutus has that attitude of, "What Ever".

Conclusion of Week 1 Challenge: My thinking for having the x'er-pen setup in the entry, was to have it in a place they could see when we left/returned. The plan is to take it with us, when we train in other places.

Thats it for now.

Friday, August 6, 2010


We just convinced MOM to enter us into the 'TRAINING CHALLENGE' by Ricky ( and Maria (

Count us in on the 'CHALLENGE'!

Our second, unofficial on going challenge is going to be keeping MOM focused. Having her make sure she keeps enough time planned for the training (this part will be easy) and especially take the time to POST (this is going to be the hard part). As you can see, MOM hasn't been doing so good in this department; really not so sure why, because she loves to talk and brag about us all the time.

When we saw this, ‘CHALLENGE’ we howled, barked and wagged our tails to get our her to say, ‘YES’.

So, wish us Good Luck! And, check back on Sunday to see what we did.