Sunday, August 8, 2010

Week 1 -- Challenge

First, mother-nature gave us a surprise challenge her self last night: THUNDER, LIGHTNING AND RAIN. This is the first time I think we (I mean me -- Tytus) have heard thunder. My brother, Brutus, on the other paw still hasn't heard thunder: he sleeps like a hibernating bear and if a heard of elephants ran through the room he wouldn't have a clue.

Anyway, Mom helped me relax during the thunder by rubbing my chest and squeezing my paws (a trick she was told by our masseuse) -- I learned that THUNDER wasn't as bad as it sounds and got to sleep a little during the thunder.

With accepting the challenge late in the week, Mom unveiled the details today! It's a two part challenge: Part 1 -- We have to train one on one with her, this is going to be the fun part. Part 2 -- When we aren't training with her we have to wait patiently in the crate or x'er-pen all by ourselves, this is going to be the hard part.

Mom is going to take over from here.

This first challenge is going to be an on going task as the boys really need work on waiting their turn. I created this monster, now we are going to correct it. Here is how the first day went:

Brutus went first, then traded with Tytus.

Part 1a & b: Brutus and I headed out the front door for a walk around the block. Our walk consisted of first getting him to focus on me and not look around for Tytus, then started working on changing the pace, then added some stops with sits. Then it was Tytus's turn. Same thing with him. Both of them did ok, once they settled down.

Part 2a & b: The x'er-pen setup in the entryway next to the front door and Tytus sitting in it, boy what a look I got when I opened the front door and asked Brutus let's go. Not sure how long he barked and carried on, but by the time Brutus and I returned he was settled down and relaxed. Now, it was Brutus's turn, he just gave a look see ya when you get back. Brutus has that attitude of, "What Ever".

Conclusion of Week 1 Challenge: My thinking for having the x'er-pen setup in the entry, was to have it in a place they could see when we left/returned. The plan is to take it with us, when we train in other places.

Thats it for now.


  1. Good job on your first training challenge week! It must be a huge challenge to tackle two Shelties at once - mom thinks I am a big enough handful by myself, so she really admires you! I think the one on one time is really important and learning how to wait for your turn is too. Looking forward to hearing all about your progress as the weeks go by!

  2. Love your challenge! It is so interesting how each one of us has something different to focus on, but there is so much to learn from each other.

    Here's what I really appreciated, " I created this monster, now we are going to correct it." I swear this is going to be my mantra with Maizey and her pretend to react so I can have a treat pattern! I love the positivity and team spirit of the statement, "we are". As in together you will see success. Great statement for me! In fact if I can I would love to quote you in my next reactivity post?

    Really awesome stuff, this challenge!

  3. Sounds like Brutus is way more laid back than Tytus! Which one is which in the header picture?

    Poor Tytus...having to learn about thunder AND being separated from Brutus! But it all worked out, and he's a stronger dog for it!

    Good job!

  4. Ricky -- We really haven't been to much of a problem training together, but MOM wants us to get to a higher level by raising the bar. To accomplish this we need to learn that, we both will get a turn.

    Katie, Meeka and Maizey -- We loved the opportunity to enter this challenge, because it was making us look into the mirror to find our flaws that we can change: We judge ourselves to make us better, we hope. And, a positive team attitude is the only way we know how to do things. You are more than welcome to quote us.

    Dawn -- Brutus is my biggest teddy bear, he is the one on the bottom (one brown leg), and is defiantly the laid back one. Tytus is our caregiver, and I think he would have been extremely skiddish if it wasn't for his Brother Brutus.

    Thank you all for the support and pat on the feels good to have a support group.

  5. oooh wow, we know how hard that waiting while someone else works is. That has been a big focus for us too!!! I did not know about the squeezing the paw, I am going to try that next time we have a scary situation.
    Glad everyone sounds like they did fantastic with the thunder! Kathy--with Lizzie/Breeze/Cricket

  6. Working with two dogs is always a challenge. Oreo gets very jealous when I work with Misty, and will snap at her tail. Misty has been know to leap out of the exercise pen at agility class when I'm running Oreo.

    And the "Experts" say dogs don't have the "envy" emotion. Well come live at my house :)

    Great job on your challenge! I think the dogs really do appreciate that one on one time.

  7. Yep I guessed as much. Tytus has that "I'm thinking I might be scared" look on his face! LOL!