Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Wish 2011

Taken a moment to wish all of our friends and family
filled with love and joy!

We will be back blogging soon...
We have missed you all...

So in the meantime please

Enjoy our
with our friends at
St. George Care and Rehabilitation Center 

Yes...we even included Dozer and Sweet Pea.  Right from the start Brutus was insisting on chilling in the down position.

Shortly, Tytus decided being down was better.
Keep a watch out as Brutus keeps melting...
Stretching out a bit more...

And, yep finally the eyes are going...So are Dozer's.  All four of them were troopers for we had photo's taken with 20 residents over an hour.
Being a Santa's Helper is hard work.
Two More Days to go.

See you all in the
New Year!