Thursday, September 23, 2010

Training Challenge -- Football Patients

Well, Mom is finally posting proof that we have been doing our challenges.

Last year at this time, Mom couldn't even think about taking us to a ball game.  We had no self control what so ever; the mixture of footballs and kids, running and throwing just took us over the edge.

So, mom decided to be brave and use this as one of our training challenges.
OK, this is how it went down.  Mom first told us to down, stay, leave it and watch all the commands she could think of.  She then placed a chair between the kids playing closest and us with a football at our feet, we think she did this to really make us think and keep thinking.  Well, it worked!  Woof, High Paws to Mom.

Brutus on look out, kids playing football game on one side and kids just running and playing on the other side.

I'm going to try something different, maybe if I close my eyes like I did in the park last week the kids will come see us, again.

Tytus still on, "Kid Watch Out"!  Being very patient.

And, It worked the kids came to see us!  Our REWARD for having self control...WOL!


  1. Good boys! Little hard not to come over and see two wonderful dogs.

  2. Oreo says, "Why on earth would you WANT the kids to come over?" He finds them to be kinda scary.

    LOL. You two are very sweet, well behaved dogs. Model Sheltie Representatives!

  3. OREO, kids are the best, especially the little ones. The more you give them puppy kisses the more they give out the rubs and hugs.

    Mom, says that we have gotten to the point when ANYBODY walks by us and they don't say HI, we look at her out of disbelief. Our eyes say...WHAT THE HECK...whats their problem. WOL

  4. WOW, that is a Huge challenge and sounds like you guys passed with flying colors, that is FANTASTIC!!! Great work. ----Kathy

  5. WooHoo on such a great challenge! The two of you did an awesome job at the game! I'm very proud of you!

  6. Wow! That's a real challenge. Both of you did a good job.

    I agree that children are sweet, they always give you pats, hugs and rubs : )