Tuesday, November 9, 2010

If it wasn't attached we think she would lose it, too!

Well once again, Mom has misplaced something this time its the video camera.  Seriously Mom, we think you would lose your head if it wasn't attached to your shoulders.  How are we suppose to show everyone what we have been doing?

Well needless to say, no video to prove how we have been progressing with our Fly-Ball homework.  The last couple of weeks we have been going to Fly-Ball practice right after our visits at Cliff View.  We are beginning to think Tuesday's are our favorite day of the week -- TREAT TUESDAYS we have to call it.

One of our homework assignments (that we wish we could show you) -- Mom got this stick that has a ball at the end and we had to learn that every time we touched the ball with our nose we got a CLICK then a TREAT.  All, Mom did at first was hold out this stick/ball thing...and maybe at the worst it took us a whole 30 seconds to figure out -- NOSE to BALL equaled CLICK and TREAT.  So, lame.  Then she started moving it, oh please MOM, can't you give us something harder than that.  This has been going on for a week now.  We so get it, that when she picks up the stick/ball thing we already know whats coming...TREATS!

Today at practice we got to see what else goes along with this stick/ball thing.  Mom used it to make us jump over a jump and turn and jump back, chasing this stick/ball thing...and the faster we went the more TREATS we got.  This is getting tuffer we really have to work to get our treat, but we are loving it.

Well I, Tytus, was then introduced to this box thing.  I had to jump over the jump land on this box and turn and jump back over the jump, before I got the CLICK and TREAT.  I did this a few times and then made the biggest mistake lost my focus and jumped the jump onto the box, but instead of turning and jumping back I took off after a team mate that I so look up to.  He is the fasted dog on the team, I just thought I needed to go ask him if he had to do all these lame exercises.  He told me yes, and then before I new it I was in my crate.  Mom said, "no focus no play"...thanks Diane at 4 Dog Craziness  :) WOL...for giving Mom the idea NO STAY NO PLAY.  (HeHeHe...her saying doesn't rhyme like yours)

Then it was, Brutus's turn...same exercises and introduction for him.  But he didn't screw up like I did.

Now our new homework is to continue with the stick/ball thing, but adding lift to the ball so that we have to jump forward to touch it.  Oh, Oh, Oh, that fast dog I was telling you about, did a demo of what this stick/ball thing is going to develop into...its so cool...his owner points at a wall, he then runs, jumps and turns on the wall, and comes back to play tugg...I can't wait until I know how to do that game.  I guess I had better stay focused.  And, we will help mom find the video camera so you can see how much fun we are having.



  1. Hi Tytus! Any thing that involves treats is fun!! Fly ball sounds great - I sure hope your mom does find her video camera so that I can see what you are learning! How do you lose a video camera any way?

  2. How fun! I hope you find your camera soon! We wouldn't know what to do without ours.

    Can't wait to hear more of how your flyball adventures progress. :-)

  3. Hi
    Jazzi here!!Thanks for dropping by my blog. You two are sooo cute!! Sounds like a lot of fun that you had, sure hope that Mom finds that video camera soon we would all like to see it,


  4. How fun that you are learning flyball!

    We use one of those stick/ball things all the time to teach tricks, but I never thought they would use it for flyball. Neat!

  5. I hope you find your camera. That would be driving me crazy. LOL. I hope no "no focus, no play' game works for you. Diana

  6. Hope your mom finds her video camera soon! We always love to watch your videos.

  7. OOOH I feel your pain, it seems every thing is getting lost around here too, I just spent weeks looking for my ipod which I JUST LOVE listening to music when we train, and I can not find my clear training targets to save my life!
    The flyball sounds fantastic, hope you find the video soon so we get to see too!!!!---Kathy with Breeze/Liz/Cricket

  8. Hey cool the stick following is super fun! :) I almost learned flyball, but it's too fun to just run off and be a goof! I like agilities better. :)