Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Want To Go Swimming....NOW!!!

Mom, couldn't help it.  She is going to tell on me -- Brutus.

But, here is my side of the story first -- I am so frustrated that the weather is getting cooler, the swimming pool pump is broke and MOM has been everywhere (mentally and physically).  I have just had it! and needed to get my frustrations out.

Mom -- Like Brutus said I have been everywhere both mentally and physically, needless to say having to leave the boys home, or at my daughters with Fonz and even riding home with dad leaving me behind.  I wish I had a camera when they were pulling out of the driveway this weekend, leaving me behind their faces were priceless.

Well, Brutus defiantly nows how to get my attention.   The toy fish in the video is their swimming toy, which he brought in from outside and dropped it at my feet then proceeded to tell me how it was going to be.  LOL :)

**Warning don't have your volume up super loud for he is going to be chewing me out, but you do want to hear him.


  1. So cute! I'm super bummed that it's way too cold and dad pulled the boat out of the lake so I can't go swimming anymore...

  2. LOL! You tell her Brutus!! I love how Tytus stands there and let's Brutus do all the talking!

    Oh, the plant with the BIG leaves in my photo is an elephant ear!

  3. Brutus, you sure are good at telling your mom off! A dogs gotta do what a dogs gotta do to get some attention.

  4. I hope things get better soon and you get to go swimming. Diana

  5. Brutus, I hope your mom did listen to you at last and let you go swimming! But, don't you think it's a bit too cold out there now???

  6. I don't know about Mom, but I got the message. C'mon Brutus, lets go swimming!!

  7. LOL, that is too funny, I think they let you know what they think about things pretty well!

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