Tuesday, October 5, 2010

HELP -- Opinions Needed

Mom is facing a big decision and like Marie; she hates making decisions -- from here we will let her tell the decision in question.

Patti here -- It has come the time to trade my car in for another. :(  I have been very content with my current car and wish I could procrastinate at least another year or two.  The circumstances for having to do it now are quit complicated, I will spell you the boring details of why.

I was hoping to get a little bit of help from all of you.

So, First of all, you need to know a little bit about my current car.  I have a wonderful husband that has turned out to be a hopeless romantic, on our 25th anniversary five years ago while in Las Vegas, he asked me if I wanted to go SHOPPING!  Well of course I said, "YES", for I am one of those 'SHOP TIL YOU DROP' girls. LOL

Off we went, he is driving, as we pasted one shopping mall after another heading completely in the opposite direction of the malls -- I'm asking, "Where are we going shopping?"  His answer, "You will see, just watch where the front of the car takes us!"  his way of being funny ha ha :).  The car finally turns into a car dealership, with me saying, "OMG", and my eyes are popping out of my head, "What are we doing here?"  His reply, "I am buying you a new car today, you get to pick the style but the color is going to be SILVER!"  Ok -- enough with the drama suspense, we did leave with a SILVER CLS 500 MERCEDES as my 25th anniversary gift.  I love it!

So, here is a list of things I need to consider:

  • Gas Mileage is at the top of the list.
  • Its got to be convenient to drive around for quick runs around town.
  • Should be a little more dog friendly on my list, but not so much on his list.
  • And, not to mention COST
Here is what we have narrowed the choices down to.  
  • Hyundai Sonata Hybrid -- this one intrigue my interest with the hybrid for it is suppose to run on electric for the first 60 miles before running on the gas engine.  Something like the Prius, but it is a much bigger car that is expected to get around 38 mpg.  Which could really get more with me just running around town possibly on the electric engine only.

  • VW CC TDI -- this one is another option for a sedan.  It runs on a deisel engine and expected to get 30 city/42 hwy mpg.

  • VW Jetta Sportswagon -- this one has the same engine as the CC TDI and has the same expected gas mileage.  But, this one intrigue my interest for the possible 'DOG FRIENDLY' aspect. 
So, now this is where I would like some help and OPINIONS!  I have made a sedan work for a couple of years to be dog worthy -- you would be surprised what I can fit into the trunk of the car.  

The big question/decision -- SEDAN vs. SPORTWAGON or is there another way to go?

Help -- Patti



  1. Wish I could help you but I don't know anything about any of those cars! We have a 2001 Corolla (good car - will drive it until it doesn't go any more) and a new-to-us 2003 Subaru Forrester (had to replace a really crappy 1995 Jimmy). Our mechanic told us that Subarus are awesome cars and never need anything done to them. We'll see...

    Good luck with your decision!

  2. that Jetta looks nice. With three border collies I love being able to transport the dogs in a car they can be in crates in, I was rear ended and it almost totalled my car, we were on our way home from a trial and if my dogs were not crated....they would have been loose in the middle of the highway-the windows had all got blown out and they were upset and excited, I feel like them being crated probably saved their lives.... so if I was getting a car i would really like a small suv type thing or the sportswagon because you could put crates in there if you needed to-even if I choose not to I would want that option, so that is why I would vote for that one, it also looks like a fun car ;-). But not knowing exactly how you use your car.....that is a vote just based on what I would like ;-).. Have fun car shopping, that would be FUN! Looks like you have some great options

  3. Personally, I'd like to be driving a two door sports car, but I gave in and bought a four door hatchback, for my dogs! I still miss my cute little two door car though :( It was like giving my youth away.

    Luckily, my husband has a mercedes slk convertible, for when I want to look cool.

    Personally, I think the hyundai looks like a really cool car. I didn't know they had a hybrid. Much nicer lines than the prius.

    I guess you have to ask your dogs which one they like?

  4. My friends just bought a Jetta sportswagon, and I'm pretty sure it is a TDI, but I could be wrong. The first thing I did was fold the seats down, and check out the cargo space. NICE, NICE! Pretty much my dream car for the dogs. Can't wait to see what you get!

  5. Well let me think Sierra's mom has a Sedan and that seems to be nice and us dogs just LOVE IT plus it is cute too out of those I would have to go with the Sedan!!!
    Hello 1 year old poodle! I am the one to ask for when it comes to style. And that Sedan is groovy I just love silver, and don't even get me started on the shine when it comes out of a car wash.
    In all my years I have to say that is one nice car definatly the Sedan but don't just get up and go. Think like a German Shepard (we are smart) look at price and if your husband is good with cars have him give it a good inspection. Then GET IT!!!

  6. I don't have any experience personally with any of the cars that you mentioned, but I personally like the hatchback/sportswagon type option myself.

    My car is tiny, it's a Honda Fit. I get close to 40 mpg and I can fit 4 Sheltie crates in the back. I could never do that with my Toyota Camry which was my previous car.