Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekly Quest For Good Hiking Trail

Today we have started our quest for hiking trails in our area -- our goal is to find a new trail to travel or explore deeper into trails we have already traveled on a weekly bases. Well we started out on a trail from the Washington City Park that was to take us down along the river, so that we could play in the water. No luck for a good trail, it was very short and no access to the river water. We didn't allow this to stop us on our quest, so loaded back into the car and drove up the road to find our first trail of our quest.
We followed the tortoise fence to find access to the Red Cliffs Desert Tortoise Habitat. "Hey Brutus," says Tytus, "I think we better bring water next time, it is getting hot out."
And, here we are still traveling this unknown trail to us to find the access gate. The terrain so far is sandy, desert, hills, gulley's and a few desert flowers. Brutus wants to know if we are there yet...
"Here is the access, Brutus" says Tytus. Brutus yelling, "Wait for me, I can't do it..."

"...Oh, yes I can!"
Here we are at our resting point, turn around spot. We will defently be continuing this hike...Access time continue onto find the Elephant Rock...clear up into those red rocks behind us. Definetly will be bringing water with us, next time.
Until then...Have a good day!


  1. These 2 boys are not slackers!! What an inspiration. Keep on hiking !! Scooby wants to go.....

  2. Your dogs are addorable, Ry said there good hikin up around silver Reef area but do take water up there. We will have to take the dogs hking together. Pam

  3. From Sophie & Miss Heidi. Good trails blazers. We want to go too!
    Your buds on the corner